Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Liberal Lies about Conservative Ideas

It's always fun when liberals are so honest about what they think conservatives think. From a post titled This Is Old Stuff But...:

Here's that odd paradox of much of the wingnut thinking: Women should not WANT to have sex. If they do have sex, however, they should be "punished" with having children or sexually transmitted diseases or something bad. And children they should have, lots and lots of them, to keep up the white race (really). But they shouldn't have any fun getting those children started. And so on.

How many wrong assumptions can one statement contain? First, conservatives don't think women shouldn't want sex. We actually like sex. But we think sex is something men and women should do after marriage because it reduces the problems you might experience otherwise, including STDs, unwanted pregnacies, abuse, and poverty. This isn't just "wingnut thinking." There are studies that back up this conclusion.

Nor do conservatives think of children as "punishment." In fact, it is liberals who constantly discuss having children as punishment, something to be avoided. Conservatives consider children to be important, special and persons to be protected and loved. They talk about children as "blessings" which add value and meaning to life. Only liberals consider children to be punishment when they were not expected.

Then there's the whole argument that we think women should have "lots and lots" of children. I'm not quite sure what qualifies as "lots and lots." Maybe it's the single mom of 14 who plans to make millions off Oprah and possible book deals. But conservatives don't necessarily think women should have "lots and lots." What we do think is that having children isn't a bad thing (as the Population Bomb people do) and we don't think killing babies is a "choice."

But the liberal lies aren't just in that article. There's another post titled Daschle Out, as well, discussing tax rates and crying that the rich pay a lower tax rate now than they did in 2000. Amusingly, the post just above this one tries to excuse Tom Daschle's tax cheating as something "everybody" does. Well, everybody who's a Democrat, I guess.

But I guess the tax rate thing isn't exactly a lie. Just more of a misdirection. By focusing on rates, leftwingers can avoid discussing who actually pays the taxes: namely, the same rich people liberals supposedly hate. The rate one pays isn't really as important as the amount, is it?