Sunday, February 11, 2007

Iran Sends Arms to Insurgents in Iraq

I heard this story as I was driving over to my dad's today. It is stunning.

Senior U.S. military officials in Iraq on Sunday sought to link Iran to deadly armor-piercing explosives and other weapons that they said are being used to kill U.S. and Iraqi troops with increasing regularity.

During a long-awaited presentation, held in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, the officials displayed mortar shells, rocket-propelled grenades and a powerful cylindrical bomb capable of blasting through an armored Humvee that they said were manufactured in Iran and supplied to Shiite militias in Iraq for attacks on U.S. and Iraqi troops.

I'm still waiting for the usual lefty blogpost that this is just a lie by our military so we can attack Iran.

UPDATE: That didn't take too long to find. Eason "We didn't report on what was really going on in Iraq" Jordan is complaining about the anonymous sourcing of the story. Was he upset about anonymous sources in the SWIFT debacle? Or Valerie Plame? Or Jamil-Jamailgate? Or any of the other leaked stories by those so-called patriots working as anonymous sources?