Thursday, February 22, 2007

From Dust You Were Created and To Dust You Shall Return

Ash Wednesday has always been a somber occasion for me, not just because it marks the beginning of Lent, but because it is a reminder of how fragile life is.

As a Baptist growing up, I don't really recall celebrating Ash Wednesday. Perhaps it was "too Catholic" for us Baptists. As a Presbyterian, I now look forward to our Ash Wednesday services as a reminder of Christ's willing sacrifice for mankind. I missed the service this year due to flu, but I kept it in my heart, nonetheless.

This article reminded me that life is fragile and we must embrace it as it comes to us, not wait around for something better to come along.

My family is facing some difficult decisions dealing with my 80-year-old father. In a nutshell, he needs more care than I can give him, yet my siblings are reluctant to consider assisted living. The balance of needs and desires is a difficult one, and a huge burden.

As I watch my father's fragile life deteriorate, it makes me more anxious to grab the time I can with him. Yet spending more time with him means neglecting other family needs. It's hard to explain the tightrope one walks trying to keep everything going, but I am hopeful that my siblings and I will find a solution for my father's care problems. Pray for us as we deal with this situation.