Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Air America Host Wasn't Mugged...But That Doesn't Stop Liberals From Blaming Conservatives

Air America host Randi Rhodes wasn't mugged today, even though hysterical liberals at first proclaimed Rhodes' injuries to be the work of evil conservatives.

Michelle Malkin rounds up all the usual moonbattery.

You learn a lot about people by their reactions to adversity. And what do we learn about liberals?

That just as I said yesterday, liberals have to blame somebody else (preferably conservatives) for every bad thing that happens...and even those that don't.

It's sad that Rhodes had an accident that banged her up badly. Here's hoping she recovers quickly. But having said that, you have to wonder about the paranoia of people who immediately blame, not your average mugger for crime, but their political enemies.

These are the same people who were sorry Dick Cheney didn't die. They constantly wish for the death or imprisonment of one conservative or another. And if they can't win the war of ideas, they want to silence their opponents.

Liberals like to proclaim how open and optimistic they are, how much they love people and how mean-spirited conservatives are. But every chance they have to prove how "nice" they are, liberals instead prove their own mental and emotional smallness.

Captain Ed gives us the three-point lesson on what the Randi Rhodes incident teaches us about liberals.