Monday, October 01, 2007

Why Planned Parenthood Has to Lie to Open Clinics

One of the arguments against free speech for abortion clinic protesters is that clinic protesters are violent. Of course, this is a lie, since the vast majority of abortion clinic protesters neither threaten violence nor actually participate in violence. But that's never stopped the pro-abortion crowd from repeating this canard.

Now comes new evidence that--gasp!--pro-abortion supporters have to lie. Via ifeminists comes a pair of articles (actually, an article and a column) on Planned Parenthood's lies regarding its new abortion facility near Chicago.

Planned Parenthood built a huge facility in the Chicago suburb using the name Gemini Office Development. The irregularity resulted in an investigation, and the clinic remains shuttered.

So, why lie about what Planned Parenthood wanted to build?

According to the group, which made $55.8 million during fiscal year 2005-2006--much of that from performing abortions--the reason they lied about what they were doing is because those awful pro-lifers are violent (via Jill Stanek's blog). In a letter to the Aurora aldermen, Planned Parenthood president Steve Trombley lied--er, said,

The activists of the Pro-Life Action League who have been opposing our new facility are headquartered in Aurora and have a well-documented history of advocating violence against both persons and property as well as other related criminal activity.
We think you will understand the urgency of our concerns when you consider the following facts about the Pro-Life Action League and its leader, Joe Scheidler.

Scheidler (along with a handful of other anti-abortion leaders) formed PLAN - the Pro Life Action Network. Scheidler called PLAN the "pro-life mafia" and proclaimed "a year of pain and fear" for anyone seeking or providing abortion.

After a six-week trial in 1998, a jury in Chicago unanimously found that the Pro-Life Action League Network orchestrated 121 crimes involving acts of threats of force or violence against women's health facilities that offered abortion. These crimes proven at trial included beating a post-operative ovarian surgery patient over the head with a sign, knocking her unconscious and causing her to bleed from the sutures in her abdomen; seizing a clinic administrator by the throat, choking and bruising her; and slamming a clinic staff member and volunteer against the stairs (sending them to a hospital and causing permanent injuries) and destroying medications and equipment. Joe Scheidler personally praised the individuals who carried out some of these misdeeds, even taking credit for them....

I guess Trombley was truthful to a point. Because, yes, a jury did rule the way he stated, only to see its ruling overturned not once but twice by the U.S. Supreme Court. That makes any finding by the jury to null and void.

Fortunately, the pro-lifers aren't taking the lies lying down, so to speak. According to World Net Daily, the Pro-Life Action League is suing Planned Parenthood for libel.

Planned Parenthood lied about what it was going to do with its new facility because it didn't want Americans to exercise their right to protest. Funny, if abortion is such a universal good and only a 20-minute procedure, you'd think they wouldn't mind being more open about it. But as Dennis Byrne says, Planned Parenthood has good reasons to lie about its facilities, as well as a history of doing so.