Monday, January 15, 2007

Sandy Berger: What Did He Take and Why Did He Take It?

That's the question Ronald Cass asks at Real Clear Politics.

It's also the question intrepid reporters should be asking but, of course, are not.

Some things cry out for explanation. Like finding $90,000 in marked bills in a Congressman's freezer. Or finding out that a blue-chip lawyer who held one of the most important jobs in the nation was willing to risk his career, his livelihood, and his liberty to steal, hide, and destroy classified documents.

Why indeed? Berger and his attorney insist that all the information contained in the shredded documents is readily available elsewhere. But if that were true, why would Berger have taken and destroyed the documents in the first place?

Clearly, the cut up copies contained information Berger was loathe to allow to become public, especially after the temper tantrum the Clintonistas made about the docudrama The Path to 9/11.

Where are Woodward and Bernstein now? Oh, yeah. Releasing tape that former President Gerald Ford disagreed with President Bush about the war. Nice.