Thursday, March 04, 2010

Who Are the Tea Partiers?

Contrary to liberal popular opinion, Tea Partiers aren't extremists wanting to blow up the government, which, sadly, we can't say about much of the Left.

The information we now are getting on the Tea Partiers is reassuring, at least to me. It comes from Eric O'Keefe, the head of a Chicago-based organization devoted to free markets and limited government, the Sam Adams Alliance. O'Keefe has surveyed 49 Tea Party leaders in 38 states and found that what angers these Tea Partiers' harbor is mostly benign. "They want to make a difference," as good-government types are wont to say. Seventy percent of them told O'Keefe they hope to "have a positive impact on the country." According to O'Keefe, they are neither "political junkies nor crusty right-wing extremists." Nearly half never have been involved in politics before. What angers them is the reckless federal spending of the Democrats in 2009.

Don't tell the leftwing media, the moonbatosphere or any of the liberals you know. To them, Tea Party goers are racist, violent crackpots who want to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the peaceful government. Or something.