Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teaching Tolerance: We Hate Protests Unless They Are Ours

You'd never know that liberal protesters are often disrespectful and rude judging from most of the coverage they receive. Even the 1960's protests have been sanitized and turned into something revered, which is entirely different from the dirty, hateful hippies that were actually in attendance.

Now, liberals have got the vapors about incivility...because of alleged uses of the word "nigger" and "fag" (there's no video or audio to back up the claim). It's so peculiar to me that the same people who love the Vagina Monologues as free expression and elevated protesting to an art form need smelling salts because of what they hope happened.

I don't think they were tied in knots when union thugs ransacked a Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters in 2004. Or when GOP campaign headquarters were shot at more than once (not to mention vandalized).

I sure hope the Democrats' newfound concern for civility extends to Republicans, even though it's probably pretty hard to blame Tea Partiers for those.

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