Friday, March 26, 2010

Projection Infinity

If you want to know the bizarre world liberals inhabit, look no farther than this KOS post claiming that Republicans are the eeeevil ones inciting violence yet claiming victimization. This, of course, is a nefarious plot to make Democrats look bad while Republicans spit on people, hang nooses, call people niggers, and generally threaten those peaceful goverment officials.

The article itself is pretty amazing, if only for the twisted logic at work: Democrats and their willing accomplices in the MSM sneer at Tea Partiers ("teabaggers"), calling them angry, bigoted, ignorant and white-hooded racists. They find a few offenders among thousands of participants, repeat the stories over and over and BOOM! The Tea Party Movement is discredited because everyone in it is a racist, bigoted, ignorant KKKer. But Democrat groups mess with children and it receives barely a whisper of coverage.

Of course, Billmon would argue that when liberals use these tactics on conservatives, it's because they're true (and conservatives deserve them), not that they are sneaky or vile. But there are many examples of liberals using these same tactics. For example, when Democrats filibustered Republican legislation and decried the use of reconciliation, that was ok. But now, filibusters are bad and reconciliation is good. Remember macaca? It ended George Allen's political career. But when Democrats use racial slurs, who's to notice?

There's a word for this sort of projection. We call it democrisy.

UPDATE: I'm sure the left is very concerned about these death threats.