Thursday, December 03, 2009

Republican Explains How to Use Senate Rules to Protect Americans from Obamacare

Senator Judd Gregg has penned a memo laying out for Republicans how to hold up Obamacare in the Senate, and that has moonbats hopping mad.

Gregg, the ranking member of the Budget Committee, and thus the guardian of the budget process, is perfectly willing to bend the rules to suit his ends, and then bend them the other way when his ends change. Men are not angels. You cannot ask them to deny their self-interest for long. This is why we have rules, and why our rules should be built to prevent people from pulling this kind of crap.

But even Ezra Klein admits that Democrats would do the same in the same position:
They aren't obstructing the legislation so much as the legislative process. If the situation was reversed, it's very likely that Democrats would do the same.

Firedoglake thinks this could be damaging to Republicans. But that would require a majority of Americans to want Obamacare. Which they do not. If anything, it seems to me that this could be a great Republican ad:
Senator X stopped the Democrat juggernaut known as Obamacare, saving the health care you like and allowing you to keep your doctor and benefits! All without new taxes!

I understand the frustration Democrats are feeling right now, knowing that the Senate isn't a pushover like the House is. But there will come a time soon when they will want to obstruct a Republican president again, and then the moonbats will be writing about how prescient the Founding Fathers were to allow these procedural rules.