Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Charles Johnson Explains Why He Parted Ways with Right Wing Nuts

Only to show what a nut he is.

His list includes broadbrush smears at virtually every possible conservative person, group, or political philosophy and jumbles any criticism of President Obama with witch doctor pictures. I'm not kidding. Just ask him.

Of course, he'd be pissed if you pointed out the same behaviors for eight years by the guys he's identifying with now. But that was then, I suppose.

Jules Crittenden explains why Johnson went batshit crazy.

William Jacobson puts it in a nutshell:

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs says he's parting ways with the right because people who disagree with him are fascist, racist, homophobic, white supremacists.

That about covers it.

Tom Maguire notes that Johnson used to be an Islamophobic hate site according to his new friends. But that was sooo 2004.

Robert Stacy McCain revels in being castigated by name, then explains the madness of King Charles.

Much more at Memeorandum.