Thursday, December 24, 2009

Democrats Are Just a Bunch of Whores

I've been busy the last few days. My cousin's daughter is spending Christmas with us and between her and the other kids, the computers have been monopolized. Then I started a new job and have been training every day this week. Oh, and did I mention I have a cold? So, when I haven't been working or entertaining, I'm lying comotose from Nyquil.

I haven't been paying much attention to the news, once Democrat Senator Ben Nelson found his price on Obamacare, to be honest. Since the kids had taken over the computer and I felt terrible, I didn't really want to pay attention to anything unnecessary. Work has CNN on in the breakroom, which is disappointing (the security guard confided in me that they were working on putting Fox News on in there; they've already got it on in the security office). It really just confirmed what we knew all along: Democrats are nothing but a bunch of whores haggling over price and any talk about convictions or morals or, hell, even democracy, is just so much bullshit. Democrats don't care about democracy at this point; they don't want to do what 2/3 of the American people want them to do anyway. They are fully aware that voters have short minds and are hopeful that Americans will forget their treachery before next November. And even if they get voted out, so what? Dem Sens stuck in language that would make portions of Obamacare irrevocable, not that that's constitutional or anything. But why would Democrats worry about the Constitution, anyway?

We now have Dems haggling over whoring price in the House, pretending they give a shit about taxpayer funding of abortion and whatnot, but, in the end, they'll vote for this monstrosity and give their constituents the finger. Stupidly, some voters will still vote for them, but those are the ones who deserve to no to the next knee replacement or chemotherapy anyway. It's the rest of us that suffer because of the morons from last November (as my cousin's daughter, who is 18, noted, "18-year-olds don't make the best informed decisions anyway, so expecting them to vote based on something beside emotion is pretty damn stupid." "That's how we got Barack Obama," I responded).