Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Race Card Is Played...At Last!

The media are making quite a lot of Barak Obama's entry into the real world of politics. No, I'm not talking about the sloppy, wet kisses the press has thrown at Obama for months. I'm talking about the actual scrutiny this man who wants to be president may be getting because his mentor, Jeremiah Wright is a bigot.

I guess Obama believes the cooing of people like Jeromy Brown, who want to fellate the presidential candidate. How else to explain his ridiculous attempts to dismiss questions about the role Wright has played in shaping Obama's opinions and positions through 20 years at his church? Yesterday, we were even faced with the spectacle of moonbats using Clintonian techniques to try to dismiss criticism of Obama's choice of churches. I mean, please. Does it truly matter if Obama attended the July 22 meeting or not? Wright spewed his hatred of white people week after week. This isn't something Wright saved up for when Obama was strategically missing from the pews.

Now we have Obama giving his Mitt Romney religion speech, and liberals seem to think it will put the whole thing to rest. Gosh, Obama wants to transcend race! He doesn't care about race! He makes white liberals feel all squiggly inside, and that's not guilt!

I can honestly say I don't care that Obama is black. Like most white Americans born after 1960, I grew up in desegregated schools and have lived with and been friends with many black people over the years. Does that mean I don't think racism exists in America? Nope. I know there are people who hate other people for being black, but I also recognize that the reverse is true and that there's no justification for that, either. You can argue all you want about lunch counters, drinking fountains, and housing, but the bottom line is that until we accept that racism has existed but we don't condone it these days, we'll never get past it. And, by the way, some people will never get past it, which is the poison Rev. Wright was preaching and Barak Obama was lapping up week after week in his church.

Don't tell me that Obama didn't like blaming someone else for his failures (however few they may have been) or those of people he cared for. It's much easier to blame some institutionalized racism or sexism for failures or difficulties than to accept responsibility. Both Barak and Michelle Obama have had the opportunity to attend institutions that would have laughed at my application. Did race play a part in that? Probably, but I think having terrific grades and better accomplishments played a bigger role.

But what do I know? I'm just a white woman who, according to Rev. Wright, have never seen discrimination.