Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Concise Moonbat Stereotype of the Right

From Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon:

Remember that the major motivating factor for many war supporters, especially those left, is this sense that they aren’t real men and someone is going to discover this any day now. So they have to wave guns, wear camouflage, rail against the feminists rejecting their manly property claims over uterine real estate through abortion, and of course support any and every war that comes along to prove that they’re real men.

I like this stereotype of war supporters because it not only marginalizes female war supporters--I dunno, are women trying to prove they're real men, as well?--but because it includes all the other contemptible traits of conservatives that drive moonbats moonbatty. Gun ownership--the horror! Wearing camouflage--it's like a secret hand signal! Supporting life--OMG! They just want women barefoot & preggers! Supporting America--get the smelling salts!

I needed a good funny like this. It's always great watching fruitless Amanda Marcotte shriek like the jealous spinster she must be. I say that because it's the most logical conclusion to explain why she's so obsessed with the reproductive habits of other people. I mean, if it's all a "choice," why does she care that a man includes the fact that he's a family man in a lawsuit? I don't believe for a moment that Amanda is as braindead as she often appears to be. Surely even she knows that plaintiffs in lawsuits bring in various information that they think helps support their claims. In this case, a librarian at Ohio State University is suing the school because he was accused of sexual harassment for recommending the book The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian for a freshman reading list.
Scott Savage, who said he resigned because of personal and professional attacks on his character, asks for his job back and for OSU to be forced to change its sexual-harassment policies.

OSU is "an aggressive proponent of the homosexual lifestyle by virtue of its practices and policies," Savage says in the lawsuit, filed in federal court because he says his civil rights were violated.

"OSU is therefore a naturally hostile environment to the expression of traditional Christian beliefs and morality."

It seems to me that if a plaintiff is accusing a defendant of being hostile to "expressions of traditional Christian beliefs" that the plaintiff would provide background information about himself. In that context, stating that he "is a devout Christian, married for 18 years and the father of eight" doesn't seem crazy to me. But I suppose if you are anti-children, you have to take your hatred where it can go.