Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Liberals Are Full of CrapDon't Understand Conservatives

If you read this, you'll understand the demogoguery of liberal ideology.

Can't argue facts and philosophy with a conservative? Argue they support feudalism! Yes, you got that right: liberals are now arguing that conservatives want to return to the days of kings, squires, and vassals. Why? Because, apparently, conservatives believe everyone should work for as little money as possible.

•Cheap-labor conservatives don't like social spending or our "safety net". Why. Because when you're unemployed and desperate, corporations can pay you whatever they feel like – which is inevitably next to nothing. You see, they want you "over a barrel" and in a position to "work cheap or starve".

Well, that's not really why conservatives are against government taking money from some people to give to others. Conservatives appreciate the independence and self-esteem working gives people. As opposed to taking a government check, earning your living gives you freedom and choices.

Contrary to the strawman this author erected, conservatives don't want people to work for as little money as possible. In fact, they want people to make as much money as they can. The difference is that conservatives recognize that the way to make the most money you can is through your own work and initiative, and that's something the government can't give you.

•Cheap-labor conservatives like "free trade", NAFTA, GATT, etc. Why. Because there is a huge supply of desperately poor people in the third world, who are "over a barrel", and will work cheap.

No, the reason conservatives support free trade is that free trade provides more people the opportunity to earn their own money, start their own companies, and do what they want. Rather than languishing in poverty, free trade helps people escape poverty.

•Cheap-labor conservatives oppose a woman's right to choose. Why. Unwanted children are an economic burden that put poor women "over a barrel", forcing them to work cheap.

I guess if you don't think babies are people, you might consider them only as a burden to their mothers, rather than people.
•Cheap-labor conservatives don't like unions. Why. Because when labor "sticks together", wages go up. That's why workers unionize. Seems workers don't like being "over a barrel".

Conservatives recognize that unions force individuals to follow the union's directives. This means not doing anything the union won't allow the individual to do. That means less initiative and less promotion on one's own merits. Worse, unions inevitably strike because they aren't getting gigantic raises in economic downturns (such as now) regardless of how the strike affects ordinary citizens. See strikes for transportation and even healthcare workers as examples of what unions bring every place they go. Unions are designed to prevent workers from working hard or efficiently. They are designed to provide the least work out of workers for the most money they can command. That's bad for consumers because it drives up costs and it's bad for business because it makes it more expensive to hire people. The result? Fewer workers and more expensive goods.

The arguments get more ridiculous from here. Believe it or not, the author argues that conservatives don't like prosperity. No, really. Why? Because conservatives disliked every government program designed to redistribute wealth.

These pathetic attempts to argue that conservatives are greedy bastards show how little liberals have to show for their philosophy. Pathetic.