Friday, August 27, 2010

The Silver Lining in All the Concern about "Islamic Hate Crimes"

There's always an underlying bigotry involved any time liberals decide to defend a religion (except Christianity--Christianity is never defensible). In this case, it involves the amazing double standard concerning recent events involving Muslims and ancient events involving Christians.

How many times have you had a discussion about the radical sects of Islam and their penchant for killing bystanders when a liberal decides to discuss the Crusades? I'd say this canard comes up in most conversations where someone rationally argues against, say, mosques that recruit people for jihad. But these arguments are ridiculous for a comparison of religion. After all, the complaints against Islam aren't about events from a thousand years ago. We're typically talking about the worst event on American soil since Pearl Harbor, and it hasn't even been 10 years yet.

The same people howling about how we can't tar all Muslims with the jihadi brush constantly accuse all pro-lifers of supporting the murder of abortion doctors or all Christians of endorsing Timothy McVeigh (who wasn't even a Christian...but he was a white guy!). Don't let them get away with it, particularly when they're spinning and deceiving like crazy.