Friday, February 19, 2010

Leftwingers Make Big Deal Out of Fox News Not Pointing Out More Domestic Terrorism

You have to wonder sometimes what is it the Left actually wants. Now we have moonbats complaining that the guy flying a plane into an IRS building in Austin yesterday isn't being classified as terrorism by either the FBI or Fox News.

You'd think they'd be happy that Fox News isn't pointing out yet another act of terrorism on Obama's watch, but, somehow, they're cranky because Fox News accepted the FBI explanation that this guy isn't a terrorist.

I'm really surprised you have to sift through the comments to find the typical, "It's not terrorism cuz he's a white guy" crap because at least that sounds like something lefties say. Instead, we're treated to leftwingers smacking Fox News for not getting hysterical about this when, usually, the leftwingers smack Fox News around for getting hysterical. More of that damned if you do, damned if you don't thing, I suppose.

UPDATE(s): Thank God CAIR knows a terrorist when it sees one.

And while Scott Brown "yawns" (according to Think Progress) about the attack, if you read the guy's statements, he's clearly on the left. Nonetheless, leftwing media sycophants say they guy "sounds like a Tea Partier." Yeah, there have been so many violent acts come out of the tea party movement.