Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leftwing Bloggers Get Their Marching Orders

Gosh, when George Bush met with conservative talk radio hosts, he was giving them marching orders. Too bad that when Obama gives the talking points to moonbat bloggers they appear to be getting their own marching orders.

Dday recaps the president's call with bloggers today below, but there were a couple of things he said that dday didn't mention. Obama had two specific things he thought the blogs could be helpful with: countering the lies and misinformation about costs and keeping pressure on members of congress

I guess by "lies" Digby means actually reading the bills Democrats are hammering together to take away your health care options. That's usually what liberals mean when they use the word "lie." Unpleasant truths? Must be a lie!

I'm with Dan on this one. If Obama is having to send in the roaches lefty bloggers to defend Obamacare, it must be in worse shape than we thought. Keep it up! Because using the bully pulpit to bully people shows your desperation, Mr. President.

Maybe part of the opposition is due to the Logan's Run-esque emphasis on killing off those expensive old people. Or just the undeniable truth that you will lose your insurance.

Ann Coulter explains why the system is broke...and it's not capitalism.