Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Told You So!

It's tough always being right. But I guess someone's gotta do it. ;)

Since January, I've said that the problem with a Barack Obama nomination would be that any criticism of him would become a racist attack. Indeed, I've already pointed out where Barry O himself has played the race card, but now the Obamessiah's defenders are saying McCain's latest ad, "Celeb," is trying to play off the fears of ol' racists about black men and white women. I haven't heard anything this desperate since reading this silly post castigating Toby Keith for the song (and now a movie) called Beer for My Horses.

The fact is, the Celeb ad is very effective, even among voters who aren't paying much attention to the race yet. It states what a lot of people are already saying: they are tired of Obama as the inevitability candidate, particularly when he has a paper-thin record, unvetted past and questionable associations (like this one).

Backtrack Barry's gotta throw this guy under the bus with his grandmother, pastor and half the people he's ever hung out with because the more undesirables that speak out on his behalf, the more undesirable Obama looks to average voters.

The one fault I had with the Celeb ad is that it doesn't use the Brad Paisley song.

UPDATE: Celeb is gaining traction.