Sunday, April 18, 2010

They Have No Sense of Humor

Liberals often accuse conservatives of having no sense of humor, but judging from the reaction to many of the things Rush Limbaugh says tongue in cheek, I'd say the lack of humor is more of a lefty thing. Well, unless it's Jon Stewart telling Fox News to go f*ck themselves or something.

The latest tempest in a teapot is over Limbaugh's declaration that Volcanic eruption in Iceland is God’s reaction to health care’s passage.

You know, a couple of days after the health care bill had been signed into law Obama ran around all over the country saying, “Hey, you know, I’m looking around. The earth hadn’t opened up. There’s no Armageddon out there. The birds are still chirping.” I think the earth has opened up. God may have replied. This volcano in Iceland has grounded more airplanes — airspace has more affected — than even after 9/11 because of this plume, because of this ash cloud over Northern and Western Europe. At the Paris airport they’re telling people to head to the train station to catch trains out of France, and when people get to the train station they’re telling people, “There aren’t any seats until at least April 22nd,” basically a week from now. It’s got everybody in a shutdown. Earth has opened up. I don’t know whether it’s a rebirth or Armageddon. Hopefully it’s a rebirth, God speaking.

Normal people hearing or reading that, would recognize it as a joke. But the commenters at Think Progress obviously didn't think so.
Just when you think Rush couldn’t be more outrageous, he steps up to the plate and hits another home run.

Really? You think a joke about global warming after Teh One snarkily notes the earth didn't "open up" with the passage of Obamacare is outrageous? I can find more outrageous stuff on South Park.

Why don't these nuts save their outrage for something important, like the outing of a supposedly gay Supreme Court nominee?