Saturday, February 02, 2008

Policing Your Child's Lunchbox

We always say "that could never happen here," but after seeing some of what goes on, I'm not so sure anymore.

Then I read stories like this one from the U.K.

School lunchboxes could soon be monitored by dinner ladies to ensure children are eating healthy meals, ministers said.

Under the Government's obesity strategy, all schools will be expected to design a "healthy lunchbox policy" on what makes a nutritional packed lunch over the next year.

Some parents may even be asked to sign a form agreeing to ban unhealthy foods from their children's lunches.

If a packed lunch is deemed to contain too much fat and sugar, parents could be sent warning letters or their children's meals confiscated.

I don't mind nutritional suggestions or teaching children about nutrition in school (my son is big into "Go" versus "Whoa" foods now), but, in the end, it is my decision what I pack in my child's lunch and no one should go snooping around in it.